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Product and procedural training can be despatched in seconds to 1, 100 or 100,000 users in a single action. Trainer, venue, materials and travel costs are a thing of the past.
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Mobile learning is targeted and measurable, so learners need only receive content that's relevant to them. The system monitors their progress so that continuity is maintained in their learning path.
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Mobile is micro: single pieces of knowledge and skill that can be absorbed in fragmented time, with quizzes to assess the effectiveness of the learning.
In today's complex front line environment, training can't cover every potential situation. Enterprises can harness internal expertise, allowing real-time expert answers to employee questions or problems.
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Observe training progress with graphical dashboards, and analyze nationwide learning behaviour with graphical analytics, all in real time.
Up-to-the-minute expertise
Lenovo relies on 10,500 service engineers to provide solutions to its customer base, in China and abroad. The old way of delivering product training was face-to-face, at a massive cost in dollars, time and lost productivity. Using the GiKoo platform, Lenovo now pushes up-to-the-minute product information to the engineers who need it, cutting the budget by 30% and the time taken to deliver it by over 50%
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Gikoo is not perfect, but every month we're improving our tools and their effectiveness. Stay tuned for more.
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