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Store managers aren't marketers. They shouldn’t waste valuable time creating recruitment posters. GiKoo's automated generation tool enables them to produce slick, attractive posters to HQ-approved brand standards. How fast, exactly? 17 seconds.
Posters arrive in frontline employee’s WeChat account, for posting to their networks. At the push of a button they promote the job position and the brand, all at the same time. Our tracking data shows encouraging results: a single employee post is viewed 16 times on average. And it takes employees no more than 10 seconds to share.
Aside from employee sharing, our jobseekers' app attracts candidates from other sources. So store managers use their time to select rather than seek.
Store managers can engage with applicants not only through text and audio messages, but also in video conference. Not only does this save time, it also enables more effective evaluation by both parties.
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Gikoo is not perfect, but every month we're improving our tools and their effectiveness. Stay tuned for more.
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