Beijing (HQ)
Room B07, Guotoushangke Building, 1111# Huihenan Street, Chaoyang District
Datcent Building, #21 Huashen Avenue, Yuhuashen District
Floor 2, Tsinghua Graduate Institute, South Area of the Science and Technology Park, Nanshan District

Revolution has come to the front line

A Cloud Valley company, GiKoo is at the forefront of China's mobile revolution. Our strategists, marketers, designers and developers pour their energy and talents into solving problems in the frontline sector, in particular those due to widely distributed, highly mobile workforces. Our client list bears testament to our commitment to provide satisfying, workable tools for recruiting and training.


Do you want to make a difference?
GiKoo helps frontline enterprises throughout China improve the success of their chain store networks by enabling them to maximize their workforce as a resource. We do this by living, breathing and eating creativity and innovation. We're looking for like-minded people to join in our mission. If that sounds like you, then let's talk!
I am Forest Liu, COO of Gikoo.
Let's do it.